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As a consistent believer in technological and disciplined investment methods, FutureMoney invests heavily in the ability to analyze data when exploring ways to achieve the best returns. To attain higher efficiency and develop the ability to make predictions about the future, we utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to create trading strategies, and to formulate new intelligent indicators and algorithms for clients in different financial markets. This means that FutureMoney is a science and technology company that serves more than investing. We are a company that continually strives for financial innovation.



Technology drives our business

By using our data engine, back-end management system and other technologies, we are currently assisting three crypto-funds for making better investment decisions.



Focusing on mainstream digital currencies and using an FM engine to reallocate portfolio. These funds aim to capture industry dividends and obtain long-term returns that are higher than that of the market.

FM ventures


FM Ventures invest in small-cap cryptocurrencies and emerging blockchain technology projects like infrastructure public blockchains, application protocols, and financial services to quickly capture market opportunities.



Strategies are developed with advanced algorithms which capture the arbitrage opportunities in crypto-currencies across various time horizons.
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Future Money


Steven Li

Founding Partner

Steven co-founded FutureMoney in 2017. Before that, he was Head of Investment at Ventech Capital, Qihu 360. Having advised and invested many well-known projects worldwide, Steven has a wealth of experience in equity financing and a wide network of industry resources. He is also the founder of 021 labs, a Blockchain incubator served over 40 projects around the world.

Eo Hao

Founding Partner

Eo is a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple fintech and blockchain startups in China & Singapore. He began his career in Wallstreet, where he acts as a senior analyst on the Global Investment Research team at Signature Bank. He is also a seasoned venture capitalist with a focus on blockchain startups. Eo holds a Finance degree from Columbia University.

Zhen Liu

Venture Partner

Mr. Zhen Liu joined FutureMoney as a venture partner in 2020. He is a 20-year wall street, and hedge fund experienced banker. He has worked for D.E. Shaw,Bank of America, UBS, and E Fund Management before going into the technology sector. He was also the founder of Clipper, an innovative crypto brokerage and investment bank with global reach. 

Edward Zeng

Chief Global Market Adviser

Mr. Edward Zeng is the founding partner of China Bridge Capital and Chairman of RFID World China Forum, China Entrepreneurs Organization. He serves as Commissioner of Global Information Infrastructure Committee and a Visiting Professor at The Business School of Tsinghua University and the founder of Edward Zeng Scholarship Award of Tsinghua University.

Li Zhang

Chief Investment Adviser

Mr. Zhang Li is a non-executive Director of the Madison Group. He is also currently the executive director and the co-chairman of the board of the directors of Up Energy Development Group Limited (“Up Energy”, Stock Code: 307). Mr. He has been involved in investment and management activities of the financial markets for over 20 years, with a particular focus on securities investment and investment banking.

Frank Cheng

Head of Technology

Frank graduated with BSc in Computer Science from Tsinghua University. He was the chief architect at EMC2. He has 10 years of experience in system engineering, blockchain, and cloud computing. Frank is also a blockchain pioneer, focused on high concurrency and multithreaded design of distributed systems.

David Dai

Head of Trading

David joined FutureMoney in 2019 as the head of trading. He previously was the vice president at Clipper, an investment firm focused on crypto. David graduated with BSc in Physics from Beijing University. He has rich experience in trading stock, bonds, futures, and other financial derivatives.

Vincent Deng

Head of Product

Vincent has 15-year experience in system design, he is a full-stack developer and blockchain designer who worked at Amazon and Alibaba as a system architect. Vincent graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University.

Will Wang

System architect

Graduated with BSc in Computer Science from Tsinghua University. With 10 years of software development experience, Will has many research achievements in distributed computing framework, distributed computing protocol and distributed database.

Tina Wu

Chief Financial Officer

Tina has more than 6 years of experience in the industry providing professional accounting. She holds a degree in Applied Accounting and is a Member of CPA and ACCA.

Lucas Liu

Senior Analyst

Lucas joined FutureMoney in 2017, where he spends his time sourcing, evaluating, and analyzing crypto market information. He Graduated with BSc in Economics from the University of Exeter.



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